Wished-For Qualities in the Normie Friend

Watchful for signs and symptoms

Understanding when others are not

Adaptable when diabetes interrupts life’s moments

Appreciative of the gifts she brings into your life

Protective when you feel she needs it

Forgiving when she’s cranky from a low

Trusting that she knows what she’s doing

Listening when she needs to get things off her chest

Uplifting when you see she is down

Serious when the situation warrants

Supportive of her personal goals

Affectionate when she needs a hug

Quiet when words won’t help

Interested in learning about diabetes

Spontaneous at just the right moment

Comforting when diabetes is taking its toll

Active in diabetes advocacy

Aware that by being her friend, you are part of her team

Accepting of her strong connections with her diabetes friends

Knowing that diabetes is not about who she is, but rather what she has

Honest when you see her headed in the wrong direction

Fun when she could use a break from serious

Mindful of her daily diabetes routine

Level-headed when things go wrong

Distracting when she’s too far into her head

Present during the toughest of times

Celebratory when she’s reached a milestone

Thoughtful in your words and actions

Strong when her diabetes makes you sad

Hopeful that a cure will be found

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