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Memes of Four are rolling through the DOC. I got inspired. I’m too tired to make a link to tell you who inspired me, but I’ve enjoyed readingEVERY one of them! Here’s mine:

1. 4 names people call me other than my real name

2. 4 jobs I’ve had
Academic copyeditor
bank teller
media broker research assistant
international wire payment coordinator for intermodal tank container inspection company (I cannot make this shit up)

3. 4 movies I’ve watched more THAN once
Dances WITH Wolves
The Big Lebowski
Purple Rain (9 times IN high school)
Breakfast Club

4. 4 books I’d recommend
A Camera, Two Kids, and a Camel
Napkin Notes: On the Art of Living
Kitchen Confidential
Broken Open

5. 4 places I’ve lived
On the FIRST integrated street IN our city
In a civil war era house WITH NO city water OR sewer
In a basement apartment WITH a creepy dude who used TO DO pushups AGAINST my windowsill (shudder)
On a rocky ridge IN a teensy cape code (NOT ON cape cod, mind you…that would be way too adventurous)

6. 4 places I’ve visited
LaJolla, CA
Sedona, AZ
Pikes Peak, CO
Fairhaven, MA

7. 4 foods I prefer not to eat
Canned veggies
Okra (it’s enough TO choke ya)
Pot roast

8. 4 of my favorite foods
Good corn chips
Ribeye steak

9. 4 tv shows I watch
House of Cards

10. 4 things I am looking forward TO
Boating season
CWD Friends FOR Life conference
A TIME WHEN life IS LESS crazy sad
The next movie I see WITH a friend

11. 4 things I am always saying
It’s okay to say ” NO”
Please get your head out of your butt
You really need to learn how to drive this van
Hey, Honey?

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Sharon Kabbes Chrisman

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