What a drag. As in, we’re all dragging our butts around this world today. A teenager, a he and a me. She fell asleep in her freshman AP Human Geography class today. The teacher called her out. She’s a straight-A student. It mortified her. She fell hard and had no clue. 504s don’t exempt you from falling asleep after a torturous night battling the lowly beast.

A night in the life:


10:30pm    BG 66   Bedtime     19 long and fast acting CHOs

11:45pm     BG 67   recheck     10 long and fast acting CHOs

12:17am     BG 81   recheck     15 fast acting CHOs

*_* Mom needed to go to bed at midnight for early volunteering at school. Sigh.

2:13am      BG 83   recheck      holding and mom goes to bed with a warning to the hubs. Looking at only getting 5 hours sleep. Not enough. Not enough.


Hello hormones? You are SLEEPING on the job, meanwhile, my kid is not. And he is not. 

4:06am      BG 65    recheck     14 long and fast acting CHOs

4:37am      BG 94     recheck     now we’re getting somewhere

5:48am      BG 70     wake up     8 CHOs, reduce basal to 80%

5:53am      BG 79     CGM          8 more CHOs

6:16am      BG 124    brkfast      20 CHOs, 2 units insulin, safe enough BG for bus ride to school. Ketones negative, 2 ibuprofen and cold medicine for symptoms

10:10am     BG 79      5 minutes pre-lunch


Note home from kid: 15 free CHOs feeling awful and super low. Dragging butt around. Mom is in cafeteria selling tickets and checks on kid. She doesn’t mind. She doesn’t look good.

2:15pm     BG 197     pre-bus high, but we don’t give a damn.

Note: kid can drop 100 points on bus home from school.

A little normalcy comes next and then this later:

11:00pm     BG 69     Bedtime     Oh, no we don’t.


Tonight we do not mess around. Sweetie, you want the chocolate milk special? Yes. We need a night of sleep and less butt dragging as mom looks forward to a 14 hour day volunteering at school for back-to-back big deal events that last until midnight, kid manages tough school day followed by first marching band halftime show, and all on the night before our JDRF walk! Diabetes has shitty timing. Should we have reduced basal a lot earlier in the night? Sure. But I was already in zombie mode when we started out, and apparently dumb enough to rely on those 3am hormones that are forever showing up. Figures. Diabetes 1, She and He and Me 0.

Our house is a post and beam cottage built in 1865 with plaster lathe and horse hair walls. Truly. Dexcom doesn’t travel through these walls. Dex alarm doesn’t wake up the teenager. Even when it’s put in a glass cup so it rattles when it wails, so we put it on the steps to her room. Our room has an air purifier that is loud like I like it, to drown out snoring man. So, today I bought this, and it’s about time, too, because the lonely Dex on the steps is great for a walk buy button push, but insufficient when sleeping and relying on hearing low alarms.

Really thought I was forever done with these.
Really thought I was forever done with these.

Last evening led to no sleep for anyone, and while I’m in no sleep mode volunteering at the high school, someone says, “But my niece is a Type 1 and she regulates with carbs and is so level.”

I took the time to educate. But what I wanted to say was, “Your Diabetes May Vary, Bitch.”


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