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I’ve already told you myNEW restriction IN life IS sticking TO roughly 800 calories a day. It’s not an easy life, but why should it be? It’s still a life.

People often ask what it IS that I eat ALL DAY trying TO stay AT that calorieLIMIT WITH so many food allergies. My joke answer IS “air.”   AND TO be honest, I’ve had moments that feel as if my stomach is literally eating itself. That’s WHEN I reach FOR organic chicken stock. I make a big deal of it too, drinking itFROM one of many favorite mugsFROM our collection. It has zip calories AND IS a nice, satisfyingly warm hug FOR the tummy. Here’s a sample day, and yes…I do eat veggies 3 x daily.


Pea protein shake (120), eggplant with shallots George Foreman style (30) Total: (150)

Pea protein shake, eggplant

Lunch on the go, (the day we ditched the kids and went to the pool):

2oz carrots (22), 4.7 oz raw zucchini (19), Kind Bar (200) Splurge!, caffeine water – I’d rather have a Diet Coke (0) Total: (241)

Avitae caffeine water, Kind bar, raw zucchini AND carrots


Eggplant AND shallots again (30), turkey burger (200), 1/2T canola-based Vegenaise (45), didn’t finish so make it (40), itsy bitsy amount of ketchup (6), 1/2C coleslaw (40) Why do I do this to myself? Itch, itch, itch all the way down the tube. Soy dumb! Never again. (soy/vinegar no-nos) Total: (361)

Water, turkey burger, eggplant, cole slaw
Water, turkey burger, eggplant, cole slaw


4oz berries (60) Berries are terrific, but the blue variety are normally a no-no for me because of the naturally occuring mold (cousin to yeast). Yes, once again I treated myself badly to something my mouth likes, but the rest of me doesn’t.  AND IN the same DAY NO LESS! Human.  Total: (60)

strawberries AND bad bad blueberries

Daily total: (812)  CLOSE enough!

I shrug a carefree “meh” ON the extra 12. But seriously. I don’t deviate much more than 20 either way. It’s a lot of counting, measuring, AND weighing AND water drinking. Knowing exactly what goes IN the tube IS the closest I will ever get TO understanding what my CWD experiences ALL DAY, EVERY day. Acute awareness here. Actually, I did this counting, weighing, measuring thing FOR decades BEFORE she was diagnosed. WHILE I am typically one of those annoying people who COUNT OUT their corn chips, somehow sitting IN this one certain friend’s dining room (pre 2/4/14) with a bag that is green and holds crunchy deliciousness inside makes me weak enough to reach in and grab with abandon.

Someday I’ll post more of an exciting looking 800 day. This one was a little ugly up UNTIL the end. That’s for why the beautiful pottery!

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Sharon Kabbes Chrisman

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