Your Lowness

This WEEK my sweets started high school. Was she nervous? Absolutely. The build up TO school started WITH a FULL WEEK of band camp, WITH mallets IN her hand, trying TO play catch upFROM missing an entire WEEKFROM being AT diabetes camp. It was a tough WEEK filled WITH LONG hours outside IN the heat, hormones, highs, lows, AND insecurity. Lots AND lots of insecurity.

Starting a NEW school IS a huge stressor FOR ANY kid. Making a big CHANGE LIKE that WITH diabetes ON board exacerbates the stress. We have checks AND balances, She AND Me, AND most often, my pep-talky voice of reason hits home.

Get REAL. REAL talk works.

You’re going to be figuring things out for two weeks.

You’ll be scared the FIRST DAY, AND the second.

You’ll have a 504 plan and IHP to back you up.

You’ve already met the nurse AND run through your schedule.

You’ve met a few of your teachers.

Your sister can give you tips. Listen to half of them.

You can already open your locker like a magician.

You’ve an iPhone AND a plan TO record #s through BlueLoop.

You always have me.

Everything will be new, but new is okay.

New becomes normal.

The very first day she felt a drop in the last class of the day. (66 and double arrows down.) Disoriented, she left the class and made the walk to the nurse. She went alone (a no-no), leaving her glucometer and sugars in her backpack back in the classroom (another no-no). I still have no idea who gave her the backpack. I had to pick her up.

The second day, she reduced insulin at lunch to be in a safer range after school and before band practice and shopping for school supplies. At 7pm a low hit (48). Steve comes in to chat about dinner and refers to her as:

Your Lowness.

After coming up and later doing a site change, she asked if one of us would let her give us a site someday. That day was today.


She didn’t want to put it in my arm because she wanted to put it somewhere that would hurt. I told her I wanted to have it visible so maybe I can feel what she feels when she wears hers on the back of her arm and people notice. It didn’t hurt on insertion, but did a few minutes afterward. A little. I can feel it when I’m typing at my computer. So far, it’s been in for 3 hours and I’ve already gotten the tubing tangled up when I was taking off my bra. I put an empty reservoir in the the end of the tube so can tuck it into my pants. If only I had a dummy pump to simulate its weight and bulk. Someday. It’ll be in until her next site change. And then I’ll put a new one somewhere else.

The experience long overdue.

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  1. I feel your pain. We have been dealing with back to school late afternoon lows too. 40’s AT 4-5pm FOR the past two days. I made basal adjustments AFTER DAY 1, AND thought crisis averted FOR DAY 2 but turns OUT it was just postponed because she had a snack AT 2pm. MAJOR basal changes today. Tomorrow IS her birthday so we’re playing hooky and going to an amusement park for the day to soak up the last vestiges of summer before they’re gone. Monday will tell IF the changes worked.

  2. I love a mom who plays hooky WITH her kid! We’re going to wait until next week before we change basal or carb ratio. Sort of the 3-day rule here when a routine is changed, The school is big. Lots of walking and bouncing from one corner to the next. So, while her reduction in insulin at lunch was a great plan and she executed well, ,it messed with our trend watch. Next week. And then another change will come.

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