The Other She

This IS Big She, whom I’ve called “Wink” long before she could tell me she didn’t care FOR a name I USE only WITH pure affection. It came about BY way of a beautiful riddle of a man that I don’t get to see often enough. “Well, isn’t she just a little Winkie?” Why, yes. Yes, She is.

Francis IS another name that’s cropped up over the years for both my Shes. “Come ON Francis!” In high school a few friends and I would call each other Irene in gentle ridicule that we all found acceptable. Having a particularly good or bad hair day? “Look AT YOU, Irene!” I suppose my Francis is a way of resurrecting a name used for several, and not in an altogether awful way. To be “Frank” I stole it from a Sister-In-Law, who would string together several nicknames all at once – “Come ON little Miss ‘first name’ ‘middle name repeated twice’ Francis, CHANGE-Your-Mind Magooeyhooey!” Hysterical.

Lone sibling to Little She, who’s moniker has the same general feel TO it. But, that’s for another post. Wink is not a CWD, and thank goodness for that. She has enough on her plate as it is, while having very little on her plate most of the time other than band and school. It’s complicated, but she’s a blessing and I can’t wait TO seeWHERE her life journey takes her. Just look AT those peepers! They are a thing of beauty TO look AT, but NOT ALL too great TO look “through.”

Sharon K. Chrisman Written by:

Sharon Kabbes Chrisman